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I’m Y.O Cedar, a mother of two amazing children. Coming from a broken home and losing my mother at the age of 18 left a big hole in my life, so in my pursuit of acceptance and belonging, I became trapped in a life of promiscuity that led to self-hate and a deep lack of purpose, until I encountered Christ Jesus on January 1, 2000.

Following on from the nation’s decision to Brexit, the Lord asked me to mobilise 40 days’ prayer at Parliament Square and to write this book as a catalyst to awaken Christian believers to the call to pray for our nation that will bring about the cultural change that our society desperately needs.

I and Britain Prayer Court Intercessors have a burden to see the body of Christ awaken to its true identity and calling in reflecting the glory of Father God bringing about revival and social reformation into every sphere of society in Great Britain, dispelling darkness that holds people captive.

I’m a prophetic intercessor, watchman, and ordained licensed minister at Christians International Europe Apostolic Network (CIEurope). I am the founding director of Britain’s Prayer Court that was recently birthed due to an awakening following the erection of a replica Baal Temple Arch at Trafalgar Square in April 2016. Pastor Rod and Julie Anderson of The Prayer Foundation and Dr. Sharon Stone of CIEurope serve as Terms of Reference.


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