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God’s Hand in Brexit

Following Great Britain’s vote to Brexit, the Lord led me to mobilise forty days of prayer at Parliament Square to reinforce our victory of coming out of the EU. One morning, the Lord told me to write this book about our prayer meetings, as He was going to use it as a catalyst to awaken people to the call to pray for our nation.

The adventures and treasures written in God’s Hand In Brexit: A Prayer Handbook will help:

  • Inspire and transform your prayer life;
  • Stir up a hunger for a deeper intimate relationship with Father God;
  • You to rise up to your true identity and destiny calling as God’s Ambassador;
  • Mobilise your own prayer group;
  • And, give greater understanding of the authority that you have as a believer.

Are you frustrated with the social injustice in the education system, or the National Health System (NHS)? Do you want to see wholeness restored to broken families, children realising their true identifies, and fulfilling their potentials, or are you fed up with the status quo of media dictating to society how to live and the social deprivation that is on the increase? If so, then this book is for you.

“God’s Hand in BREXIT is a thrilling account of a new move of the Holy Spirit. It follows our temporal and seen realm along with its spiritual and unseen counterpart. It begins with a group of Christians called to intercede and take a stand by faith for the heart and soul of England resulting in England exiting the European Union.  BREXIT is only the beginning…for great intercession is also being made by the Britain Prayer Court for Israel, and England’s relationship with her as her true heritage comes into being.”


DeeDee Winter had a close friendship with Norman Grubb (Author of Rees Howells Intercessor) the last thirteen years of his life and hosts a website to his life and work.